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Before project

  • Our footprint allows us to make an appointment within 24 hours and explore your every needs
  • The design of your solution is created by a team of architects and engineers to ensure reliability, creativity and economy of scales
  • We establish a personalized quotation within 48 hours and a precise business proposal
  • The preparation of your units follows a thorough process:
    • design in our factory
    • setting-up by a team of certified workers
  • Transport and delivery are carried out by a team of highly skilled professionals around the world
  • Our certified partners prepare your installation on site
  • From design to delivery, our quality insurance processes ensure that your building reaches the highest standards and will guarantee your satisfaction

After sales

  • Support: our team will assist you in the handling of your building from day one
  • After Sales Service: our technical support is available anytime for any type of intervention
  • Emergency management: our emergency unit provides round the clock availability (24/24, 7/7)
  • to help you in the most critical situations
  • (natural disasters, humanitarian aid)
  • Insurance: in addition to our 10-year warranty we can provide insurance to cover any type of risk

Our commitments

  • In both leasing and sales, TOUAX customers seek:
  • Very attractive prices 30 to 40% lower than traditional buildings,
  • Very short lead times (8 to 10 weeks to deliver several thousand sq. meters),
  • Measurable performance concerning the quality of buildings delivered (BBC, THPE, RT2012, etc.),
  • A tailored, eco-friendly offer available worldwide (HQE label),
  • A highly flexible, fully modular solution certified by the EC label.
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